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Only The Truest American Meat

Whether this your first time buying a market steer, or you're a repeat buyer, we're here to assist.

Simply follow the three step process below or connect with us and we would happily place and process your order today! 

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Reserve a Locker

  1. Start by choosing one of the 4 lockers that we work with in our area.

  2. Select the amount of beef you would like - Whole, Half or Quarter

  3. Choose from the available dates offered.

  4. Make deposit of $200 to secure your space! 

Customize Your Order

We will deliver the steers to your locker on the date you selected and email you an invoice for the balance due (minus deposit).

Now it is time to customize your order with a processing request! - 

  • Thickness of steaks

  • Size of roasts

  • Pounds of hamburger per package

  • Vacuum pack or paper wrap... etc.

Enjoy Your Beef!

2-3 weeks later, your beef will be ready to pick up. With additional fees, we can deliver or ship your product.

Enjoy your freezer full of beef!

Butcher with Beef

Locker Locations

601 Commercial St. #4091, Diller, NE 68342
(402) 793-5840

315 S Main St, Riley, KS 66531
(785) 485-2595

 411 East Main  Waterville, KS 66548


212 Ballard St.Washington, KS 66968
(785) 325-2920

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