How Do We Raise Our Cattle?

Grass Raised & Grain Finished

Loved and Raised, Not Just Farmed

Take a look below to better understand the process of how we raise and take care of our cattle.


Cattle Handling

We use low-stress handling of cows and calves in humane and ethical ways through all aspects of production. When working with the cattle, a calm and quiet approach is used; no shouting, hot-shots or excessive force is used. We have developed stress management strategies for calves in the weaning stage of life in hopes to avoid disease and unneeded tension. The majority of our cows are walked through different grazing rotations rather than being hauled in trailers. This lowers the chance of stress and injury.

Herd Health

We have a closed herd, meaning there are no outside cattle coming in and out of the group, which lowers the chance for disease and sickness. Our cows and calves have a thorough vaccination program that boosts their immune system and prevents sicknesses. Through these precautions that are taken beforehand, we are successfully able to raise the cattle with little to no antibiotic use. Antibiotics are kept on hand in case of emergency injuries or acute illnesses, but it is used very sparingly.


AI Genetics

We use Artificial Insemination as well as live bulls for breeding. Research is conducted on a yearly basis in order to select sires for the next calf crop. Artificial Insemination allows us to select the best bulls in the industry for breeding purposes; this intense genetic selection program allows for the production of top-of-the-line beef. This process has resulted in our cattle being at least half Angus crossed with Charlois, Herford, and Simmental breeds. The benefit from our crossbreeding (heterosis) method enables us to produce the best, healthiest calves possible; leading to an exceptional eating experience!

Ranch To Table

The USDA stamp on a package of meat is a misleading label for most meats bought at the grocery store. The stamp solely means that the meat was PROCESSED in the United States, NOT raised! Meats can be shipped into the USA from 20 different countries; these countries have a wide variance of accepted chemical withdrawal times, standards, and regulations. With the purchase of our beef, you get the assurance of a safe, wholesome, and nutritious product.


Processing & Packaging

We use 4 local lockers surrounding our ranch for storage, processing, and packaging.  Each facility has meat inspectors to ensure that strict health and safety standards are met. Each customer will be able to choose how their beef is processed and packaged. Keeping our business local supports our small communities while providing a rewarding ranch to table experience for the customer.