Mark Diederich

I was raised on the family farm in Washington County that I am residing on today.  I graduated from Kansas State University in 1984 in with a degree in Animal Science.  After college, I worked for the Good family near Olsburg, raising purebred hogs and Angus cattle.  Evelyn and I were married in 1989 and have been farming and ranching ever since. 

Agriculture can be difficult with the many uncertainties of weather, markets and input expenses that producers can not control.  I enjoy the challenge of trying to make improvements to the land and to our cattle herd to increase production.  Spring is my favorite time of year because the next set of calves are being born and crops are being planted knowing full well that this year will be different than the last.  To witness God’s hand in the wobbly calf taking its first steps to nurse and in the fine green line of corn popping up in rows never gets old to me.   The refreshing relief of a much needed thunderstorm in the summer is a wonderful blessing.   

I believe that the true meaning of success is not how many assets, acres or cattle you own but how your family  respects and treats others.  These values will have a positive impact long after we are gone.