Frequently Asked Questions

In Case We Missed Anything

Take a look below for some of the common questions we get throughout the process. Contact Us if there is anything else we can help you with!

1. What is the age and breed of the cattle?

What is the age and breed of the cattle? We are selling young market animals. The cattle will be 16-18 months of age. They are not cows- they are market steers and heifers. We raise crossbred cattle that are half Angus. Other breeds that we have brought into the mixture are Hereford, Charolais, Simmental, and Red Angus. By using cross-breeding, we are able to enhance the health, vigor, and superior carcass quality of our cattle by combining valued traits that each breed offers.

2. How does the process work?

We have reserved butcher dates at 4 lockers surrounding our ranch. When you reserve beef, we ask that you choose a locker that works with your location and time frame. You will call the locker or fill out a processing sheet on their web site. You will choose how thick you want your steaks, how many steaks per package, how many pounds of hamburger per package, and how many pounds you want your roasts to be. You also choose the type of packaging – paper wrap or vacuum packaging.

3. How long does the process take?

Once we take the steers to the locker, it will take approximately 3 weeks give or take a few days. After slaughter, the beef will hang in a cooler for 7 -14 days depending on the locker’s policy. After that, the locker will process the carcass according to your requests.

4. What does "hanging weight" mean?

The hanging weight is different than the live weight. It is the animal after it has been slaughtered- with the head, hide, internal organs and lower legs removed. So the hanging weight will be less than the live weight. Our carcasses consistently hang between 800 and 1000 pounds give or take.

5. How much meat can you expect to get?

Naturally, there will be loss due to bone and fat trimmings. You can expect 60-65% of the hanging weight as final product in your freezer. We have actually weighed quarters and on a 1000 pound carcass the take home for a quarter was 160 – 165 pounds. This amount will vary depending on the hanging weight, and depending on if you take meat with bone in it. For example, short ribs and soup bones will add to the final weight of the quarter in the freezer.

6. What will the processing cost?

Your locker fees will be approximately $1.00 per pound of hanging weight depending on your requests. For example, you will get charged more for processing if you request bacon-wrapped filets or hamburger patties. Vacuum packaging may cost more at certain lockers. You can always ask these questions as you visit with the locker when you fill out your processing sheet.

7. Is shipping or delivery available?

Yes! We routinely make deliveries to surrounding cities and would happily arrange a delivery of your beef. For out of state buyers, contact us to arrange shipping for your order. Shipping cost is based on your order and shipping details.