Evelyn Diederich

I grew up in western Kansas and met Mark while attending Kansas State University. I graduated from college in 1988 with a degree in Medical Technology. Presently, I work part-time in a laboratory at Washington County Hospital. We were married in 1989 and have been farming and ranching for 30 years. Raising our 5 children on the farm wasn’t always easy with our involvement in activities and our distance from the school- but the experiences and lessons that can be learned on the farm are so valuable.  

My role on the farm varies from day-to-day. I am the Chief Cook & Bookkeeper on a regular basis, but I participate where ever needed when we are working the cattle or planting and harvesting our crops. I love the country way of life and feel privileged to be able to witness new life and assist in caring for the livestock and this wonderful productive land that God has given to feed His people.  

I love to walk in the country and take in the beautiful scenery from season to season. As a hobby, I enjoy taking pictures in an attempt to capture the beauty- which never quite does justice to seeing it in person!