David Huerter

Hello, my name is Dave Huerter.  My wife, Duana, and I live in northwestern Nemaha County in the small community of St. Benedict.


Mark and I are first cousins.  Growing up our family, summer vacation was two or three weeks on the farm so Dad could help with the wheat harvest.  As I got older, I spent more time working on the farm during the summers, and on weekends while I was a student at K-State.  I received my degree in Agricultural Economics from K-State, but have spent 32 years working in law enforcement.

I have been able to help Mark in all phases of production agriculture on his grain and livestock operation in Washington County.  Like many in livestock production, Mark and Ryan take tremendous pride in their animals.  They spend many long days and cold, dark nights caring for their animals, and it shows in the quality of their animals.


I have been involved in the marketing and delivery of beef from Mark Diederich Family Farms to a lot of great people across the midwest, and beyond.  I look forward to the opportunity to visit with you about beef from Mark Diederich Family Farms to fill your freezer.