Exceptional beef that is born, raised and finished on our family farm.

Our goal is to provide exceptional beef directly from our family farm to your home. Our beef is locally processed and packaged to stock your freezer with the best.

No Stress Handling

We understand that the weaning time is stressful for calves, and excessive force on cattle is NOT the only way to do things.

Herd Health Priority

We promise our herds stay closed to prevent unnecessary exposure to sicknesses, and receive antibiotics only in the use of dire need; never in excess.

AI Genetics

Yearly research, while paired with Artificial Insemination and live bulls, has shown to produce top of the line beef.

Get Your Share Today!

Choose from 1 of our 4 partnering Meat Lockers for processing, storage, and delivery today.

1/4 Beef Reservation

Less freezer space, not a problem! Order a 1/4 of MDFF Meat; roughly 150 pounds!

1/2 Beef Reservation (Most Popular)

Ensure you have your fair share of MDFF Meat when you need it; roughly 300 pounds!

Whole Beef Reservation

Stock up on MDFF Meat and avoid running out; roughly 600 pounds!


 "We purchased a quarter of beef from the Diederich’s this summer and it’s the best meat we’ve ever had! The steaks are bigger than your plate and so very tender.” 

—  Lynn Delay (Morrowville, KS)

Welcome to the Farm

As the world has changed over the last year, we discovered a lack of access to high quality, flavorful meat that is raised responsibly with herd health as a priority. At Mark Diederich Family Farms, we focus on filling that need by raising healthy herds, fed with locally grown feed. We hope to provide our customers with top-notch quality for years to come.